Barbershop Cut and Shave

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Things went well last Friday afternoon, so well that I thought I would treat myself to a cut and shave at the barber shop I have been frequenting. I was told about the shop through a friend, I was slightly hesitant at first but after the first hair cut I knew that I would return.

I promptly enquired about their opening times and was told by the young gent that its 7 days a week 8 to 8, well I was taken back, finally a barber that was open well after we finally made our way through traffic or finished with the working day.  The minute you step in you are hit with a feeling that this is old school, this is how it’s supposed to be. There is a friendliness that can only be experienced in this shop, no time to waste and patrons are hardly found to be sitting on the waiting benches, there is always a barber ready with scissors and blade.

On this particular visit I promised myself I would try their wet shave out, at only R20.00 I could not go wrong. The hair cut was precise and speedy, as it always is – it was time for the shave;

SuperMax Lemon-Lime was the flavour of the day, I have personally used this cream on numerous occasions and haven’t had any issues with it. Although I have seen various other creams on the counter tops on previous visits, ranging from Vi-John and Vasmol, my barber exclaimed they are awaiting their usual go-to cream.

The lather was worked up lightning fast and before I could get a good look at it, it was already being worked in. A Gillette Disposable was readied with a SuperMax Super Stainless blade, ever so quickly snapped in half and loaded onto the shavette. You know that this isn’t the first or the last shave when you see the speed at which a blade is loaded into one of these razors.

As if the pace wasn’t already set, the first WTG pass was already done, I didn’t feel a single wrong angle throughout the pass, the scent of the Lemon Lime really came alive as it was worked and put through it’s own paces.

Small touch up’s concluded the experience, the shave was pleasant and very relaxing, I could also feel it was a good one as the angle was consistent all the way through. A quick rinse and the application of Alum, no sting or burn just the sensation of the Alum doing it’s astringent work. A flew splashes of their own aftershave finished things off – the scent was musky with a slight undertone of crisp and clean notes.

The experience was great and I will return, I do believe I shall make this an “end-of-the-month” treat!

Inside the Barber Shop:

Barber Shop


The proficient Barber:

Barber Shavette


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